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COVID – 19 – Statement. In line with the government’s guidelines and the necessary collaborative approach needed to both fight and overcome the countries battle against the Coronavirus, we’ve decided to close our remarketing facilities. We recognise that your business may be one that is deemed as an ‘essential service’ during this time, and indeed a new vehicle may be needed in order to carry out your services; in such a scenario, we will continue to have a representative on standby to discuss your needs and potentially a safe supply and handover of a new vehicle if needed, only if you are classified as an Essential Service.

Finance Explained

What is Hire Purchase?

Van Ninja

Hire Purchase (HP) is one of the most popular types of finance agreement available. It enables you to divide the cost of your new vehicle into more manageable monthly payments.

How Does It Work?

All you have to do is select the period of time you would like your HP contract to last and put down a deposit to secure the deal. Then, we will work out what your monthly repayments will be.

The amount you will be required to pay each month will depend on the:

  • price of the vehicle
  • length of your contract period
  • interest rate
  • size of the deposit

We can adjust these factors until we find the ideal finance plan for you. At Van Ninja, we offer a deposit contribution on all of our vehicles, so that you can increase the size of your deposit and lower your regular repayments. Find out more here.

Once you have made all of the repayments, the vehicle will be yours to keep!

What are the Benefits of Hire Purchase?

Aside from allowing you to split the cost of your van or car, HP agreements offer a number of benefits, including:

Fixed payments

Once you have signed the contract, your monthly repayments will remain a set amount, so you will not have to worry about fluctuation.

Flexible contract terms to suit you

You can select the amount of time (between one and five years) that you would like your HP agreement to last.

You will own the vehicle

When the agreement period ends, you will not have to return the vehicle to us as you would with other finance agreements. As soon as you make your final payment, you become the official owner.