Important Message
COVID – 19 – Statement. In line with the government’s guidelines and the necessary collaborative approach needed to both fight and overcome the countries battle against the Coronavirus, we’ve decided to close our remarketing facilities. We recognise that your business may be one that is deemed as an ‘essential service’ during this time, and indeed a new vehicle may be needed in order to carry out your services; in such a scenario, we will continue to have a representative on standby to discuss your needs and potentially a safe supply and handover of a new vehicle if needed, only if you are classified as an Essential Service.

Vehicle Grading

We believe that all our vehicles sold should come to a minimum standard as per below in 5 key areas.

Van Ninja

1 Paint & body

  • Minor chips or scratches in panel surfaces requiring minor conventional body and paint work
  • May require removal of small dents that have not broken the paint using Paintless Dent Repair
  • May have had high quality conventional repairs of cosmetic or light collision damage
  • May require replacement of minor missing or broken part
  • No visible glass damage beyond minor pitting of windshield

2 Interior

  • Clean, showing minimal wear
  • May require replacement of minor missing or broken part
  • No noticeable offensive odour

3 Chassis

  • Frame/structure has not been repaired or altered
  • Expected to measure to published specifications

4 Mechanical

  • Mechanically sound
  • All accessories are operable
  • Fluids may require service

5 Tyres

  • All match in size
  • Tread depth a minimum of 3mm (all tyres including spare)